28 November, 2010

Just Ain't Gonna Work Out

This is genius, basically. It's really fantastic :)

Such a forward and simplistic approach...


I know it's sorta goofy, but how many of us know when to say
"I'm sorry, 'cause it just ain't workin out."

Enjoy your moment.

27 November, 2010


The word "exposure" has multiple definitions. While exposure can relate to a state of being vulnerable to the elements--heat, cold, wind, rain--it can also be a reference to the disclosure of something secret--an unmasking, if you will. Photographers use the term to record the amount of light that is allowed to fall on a subject.

Several words particularly jumped out at me when I was reading over these definitions.


I write fairly often. At twelve, I began to keep a journal. For the first few years, I literally did not miss a day.

I haven't maintained the same level of dedication that I used to. As I went through high school and began college and had countless adventures throughout, certain times just called for more "living" and less "writing about living."

I also write loads of lyrics for potential songs, some finished, some barely even birthed.

There is this thing I like to call "brain-vomit": the act if me spitting out "stuff" that has spontaneously showed up in my mind/body/spirit. Most of this won't make sense to anyone, so just absorb what you like, and let it mean whatever it needs to, for you.

Anyway, the preface about exposure was not my brain-vomit. This idea of a blog, an online journal, for the world to see...well, it's a little foreign to me. The decision to disclose parts of my heart, and unmask the hidden corners of my brain, requires vulnerability. I'm choosing to expose myself to a certain amount of light (an amount that I find appropriate).

Like a wound, the exposed parts of the soul remain unprotected. Yes, I am aware that I'm doing this...