25 February, 2013

The Heart Speaks Yoga

Wow, it has been almost two years since I last wrote on this blog?

What brought me to look through these posts tonight? It was the full and familiar feeling of my chest expanding to encompass my swelling heart.
My heart is opening.
Through asana practice, by this breath, from every single moment of every single day, by leading my son into the world, and from falling into the deepest, most vulnerable and fragile love I never imagined, with this man, this partner, who has agreed to run wildly through this life with me.

All these things, and more, have brought me to this moment, sitting at my computer and coming back.

Two years ago I was sharing the adventures of a girl with an open road, living in Paris, who had vision that extended only a month or two ahead. She was free and wide-eyed and open to allowing life to go in whatever direction it would.

Now, this full moon, I begin to share the new adventures. Everything in my life has found its way to come together and is manifesting in vision that runs deeper than me. All the places I've been and the people I've let in have brought me to this place, this moment of perfection, this Divine existence.

Yoga, it is both the subject and the definition. It is illuminating every aspect of my Self as I move deeper into the practice every day.

I am both in love and in hate with it.
I desire it and I detest it.
I don't want to step onto my mat and I can't leave it.
I am afraid to teach, I am really the student.
I find peace with it and I also obsess over it.
I know it is, but I fear.

I am imperfect.

I am perfect.

Ultimately, I stay on the path. I choose Yoga, I move into freedom, I liberate my Self from my ego, I allow God to use this practice to open me, to remove the blocks, to shed the Light, to be Love.

Stay real, do what you do.


Hannah Lee.