16 June, 2011

In All The Secret Places

Hey loves of mine, this entry is just a photo update, nothing more. I realize not everyone I know is on Facebook (Barnabas, your anti-change mentality must end; cave already!) so here are some pictures from recent adventures.

*The lovely Eiffel Tower; never gets old...especially when one has great editing tools!

*I just love this one of Lilia and I walking; taking a pause for a kiss.

*This is my dear friend Ida; this coming Sunday this lovely Norwegian and I will be meeting up in Amsterdam!

*My friend Amélie was kind enough to kidnap me from the city and let me join her family for a day at the sea How gorgeous is she? She has already birthed two beautiful children, and has her third coming this August. Both births were natural and painless for her (wow!) and she and her husband just published a book on childbirth :)

My kind of powerhouse woman!

*Au bord de la mer (at the seaside).

*This is Ètretat, a city located in the region of Normandy, known especially for these famous falaises (cliffs) from which many famous painters found inspiration (Monet, of course). Très belles!

*Even while sporting my hat, shades and scarf, my skin managed to get its fill of sun.

*It is officially my dream to one day own a little cottage in the hills...

* Such a gift to get out of the hussle-and-bussle of the city.

*This is Donna, an au pair from Canada

*So, for the most part I think that's about it. Last week I had a friend (from my days at Minnesota) who came and stayed with me. We did the classic touristy places (Louvre, Eiffel Tower, etc) and also made our way to several lovely local bars/cabarets where we found some amazing live music.
Yesterday I went to the Musée de l'Orangerie, created to exhibit Monet's Water Lilly paintings. UNBELIEVABLE. Favorite museum by far. With my visa I get in free to all the national museums, so I only had to pay for the audio guide; I was the nerd who took notes the whole time.
Now it's already time for another great weekend of work at the restaurant. My friend Jordan just finished updating the website for Kiwizine, check it out if you like www.kiwizineresto.com .

Here is an amazing video of Lilia

Here is another one of her freaking out about a balloon. So adorable, she already knows how to entertain.

Stay real, and do what you do.

♥ hannah lee

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